Friday, September 07, 2007

A Call from Navy OS "A" school. He has Shin Splints

My son John in the Navy just called from his OS "A" school at Naval Station Great Lakes. He has been having pain in his lower legs for about a week and finally went to Medical today. He could have went earlier but didn't want to. He found out that he has Shin Splints and was placed on LLD ( Limited Light Duty ) for the next week and given 800 milligrams ibuprofen tablets. He will go back to Medical next week to see how he is doing. Next Tuesday he has Dental and will have some molars removed and he will be SIQ ( Sick In Quarters ) and LLD that day. He laughed about that. He is going to get new soles for his boots and inserts for his boots and shoes to lessen the impact when he runs. That should all help. He said that this will give him more time to study... :) Oh and by the was he also has laryngitis. Poor guy. I have to say one thing about all this, he still loves being in the Navy.

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UPDATE: Allot of people come to this post to find out about OS-A School at Great Lakes. Here are some other post about that subject. My son is now on his Ship and loves his job in the Navy and is doing well.

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