Monday, November 12, 2007

John went to Chicago again yesterday

I talked to my son John last night. He was on his way back to Naval Station Great Lakes on the train after spending the day in Chicago. He is going again today ( yesterday most of the stores were closed ). Whenever they leave base they have to go with a buddy. Yesterday John went with OS Tennant. John said that they had great Chicago style Pizza. Just looking at the pictures made me hungry. He also sent some pictures of other friends of his from on base. John should be getting his travel orders tomorrow. He has to be in Florida by the 18th to meet his ship.

John waiting for the pizza. When he was in high school he ate 27 slices at a pizza eating contest one time. I wonder how much of this pizza was left for his friend yesterday?

They had Chicago's World Famous Stuffed Pizza at Giordano's

OS Tennant serving himself a slice of Chicago deep-dish pizza. Is that all you got Tennant, one slice?

The girl is Jessica and those are two of her friends playing cards.

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