Monday, November 19, 2007

Cindy & John went to Chicago yesterday

John ( OSSA ) in Chicago.

Cindy ( FCSA ) and her boyfriend Doug ( ET3 ).

My two kids in the Navy stationed Naval Station Great Lakes went to Chicago again yesterday. They went with Cindy's boyfriend Doug, he is an ET3 in the Navy. I have never met Doug but John says that he is very nice and if he makes Cindy happy that is good enough for me. John leaves there on the 29th of this month and Cindy will be going to Dahlgren Va sometime before Christmas. Right now John is scheduled to come visit us on the 29th but is trying to go to his ship ( the USS Doyle ) first.


Anonymous said...


My name is Todd Willebrand and I am the Deputy Public Affairs Officer for Naval Service Training Command at Naval Station Great Lakes. I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me a call at your earliest convenience at 847-688-4800. I have a question or two for you that I would be very happy to get a "parent of recruit" point of view on.

Thank you.

Todd H. Willebrand
Deputy Public Affairs Officer
Naval Service Training Command
Great Lakes, ILL

John said...

I called Todd Willebrand today at Great Lakes and had great conversation with him. Thanks for contacting me Todd. It was good talking to you this morning.

Cookie..... said...

Hey John...tell John A to tilt his white hat toward the front (just above his eyebrows) and cocked to the right...ya know...put a little "swagger" into the uniform. It'll make him look much cooler and sexier to the women folks (and unfortunately to gays as well.)

...and I see y'all got a Navy romance goin on as well...good fer her.

I imagine the both of you gotta be real proud having not one...BUT two of yur children in Uncle Sam's Yacht Club....

John said...

Cookie, I will try to get him to do that with the hat. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Todd,
I still remember, that today is Your Birthday
Accept the best a congratulation..
I wish you a health, huge happiness, ocean of love!
Happy Birthday!
With respect,
Julia xxx