Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning all. I just got off the phone with my daughter Cindy at Naval Station Great Lakes. She called me to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. :) Thank you Cindy. She is going to go to her boyfriend Doug's family's house for dinner today. Cindy said her orders are kind of up in the air now so things could change on where she goes this year when she leaves Great Lakes, Cindy said that she would let me know as soon as she finds out.

My son John is spending the day at Naval Station Great Lakes and is off today. He is going to eat Thanksgiving dinner on base at Pier 525 on base. When I talked to him he was waiting in line for dinner and it was snowing. He said that he would send a picture of the snow later. He also plans on going into Chicago a few times over the next several days during his time off.

This is the advertisement for the dinner that John went to.

"Free Thanksgiving Meal!

The MWR Department ( Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department ) is providing a free Thanksgiving meal for those active duty sailors still on base and without plans for the day! A wonderfully, delicious traditional thanksgiving feast is planned at Pier 525-inside Club Nitro (Bldg. 525) on Thurs., Nov. 22. Servings will begin at noon and will continue until 3 p.m., or until the food is gone! The menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the traditional favorites, even pie! In addition, sailors may watch the football games on the Pier's "big screen." Come join us for our Naval Station Thanksgiving Feast on Thurs. Nov. 22 at Pier 525."

( Update ) My son John A won a digital camera today in a Trivia contest on base from the Great Lakes USO, it is a Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2 mp . He said dinner was great and they had lots of turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, and home made pies. He was going to go play ping-pong for a while. Overall he said that he was having a good day.
Sony Cyber-shot DSC - W55 7.2 mp

Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver) at

My Mom sent this picture today

My parents are having several people over for dinner in sunny Florida today. When I talked to my parents this morning they had a 20lb Turkey in the oven. I really miss their Holiday dinners.

Host and Hostess: ( Mom & Dad ) Joy and Ken, making the Turkey.

Guest List:

Sharon and Mike

Kathleen and Alden ( my aunt and uncle )

Daddy and Cassie ( my grandparents )

Carol and Vince


John Michael ( my cousin )

Nellie and Charlie

My wife Vicki and I are just spending a quiet day at home today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Sailors, Soldiers and Service Members everywhere. We are very Thankful for what you are doing. God bless you.

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