Monday, November 12, 2007

My son John went to Chicago again today

My son John went to Chicago again today. He went with Airman Recruit Reid this time. They went all over the place and toured the Chicago Art Institute while they were there. My wife is so jealous. They also went to the Sears Tower and several other places. John said that they had a great time. This will be the last time he gets to see Chicago before leaving Naval Station Great Lakes this week to report to the USS Doyle in Mayport Florida.

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Chicago at Night

Airman Recruit Reid taking a drink.

Van Gogh self portrait

John with an officer of the Chicago Police Mounted Unit.

John standing in front of a giant Rat...

Airman Recruit Reid


John trying to figure out how to order everything on the menu. You wouldn't know it to look at him but he can really put the food away.

Airman Recruit Reid waiting for John

From the top of the Sears Tower

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Cookie..... said...

Thats one of the things I really liked about the Navy...I really got to see places and people that I never would have otherwise...

Like the old Navy saying goes..."Join the Navy and See The World". Good fer John...I'm real happy for him...and he's got sooo much yet to see....