Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving and now some snow.

My wife Vicki and I saw it snowing before we went to bed last night and it's still snowing this morning. I know we won't get much, the weather channel just said an inch but it gets me in the mood for x-mas. My parents had a nice Thanksgiving and sent a bunch of pictures. I tried to talk them into sending some Turkey and fixings packed in dry ice my way but they just laughed. :) They had 14 people for the day and two tables set for dinner. One table was in their Florida room and the other was in their dinging room and all served buffet style. The food looked great guys.

Click on the pictures to see the full size images.

That's my Mom

My father ( green shirt ) , Uncle Alden ( orange shirt ) and my Mom.

My Grandfather

My Grandmother Cassie

Dining Room Table

Florida Room Table

Dinner in the dining room

My grandmother Cassie and my grandfather ( left and center )

Dinner in the dining room

Left to right Charlie, my Uncle Alden, Cousin John, and my Dad

Dinner in the Florida room

Dinner in the Florida room

Dinner in the Florida room

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