Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Videos of our son Mike and our dog

Here are two videos of our son Mike playing with our dog Scruffy tonight.

I'm Back

My son Mike with his car

Good morning all, I am still alive here in Kansas and have been a little busy.

My youngest son Mike graduated high school this year and moved in with us, he was living with his Mom in Maryland. Mike is joining the Army. He thought about joining the Navy like his brother and sister but the Navy said that it could take 6-15months for him to get in because of budget cuts and that they are overmanned right now so he called the Army and is going with them. The Army recruiter was here for 4hrs Wednesday evening doing paperwork with Mike and he is coming back today at 4pm to do more and then Mike goes to Kansas City next Thursday and Friday to MEPS ( Military Entrance Processing Station ) to sign his contract and get the physical and so on.

My daughter Cindy in a dress getting ready to go see "RENT"


My daughter in the Navy Cindy called and told me that she is going to Iraq the end of September to work with the Army as an IA. An IA is an Individual Augmentee you can read more about that here Cindy is currently a CIWS-FC Petty Officer Third Class on the USS Abraham Lincoln in Everett, Washington. Cindy has been in the Navy since March of 2007. I am very proud of her and what she is doing. God bless you Cindy.

My son John on his ship

My son John was doing well the last time I talked to him. John is currently on Deployment with the USS Doyle. John is also a Petty Officer Third Class in the Navy but he is an OS. This is from the US Southern Command website. USS Doyle is on a six-month deployment to Latin America and the Carribean as part of Southern Seas 2009 in support of U.S. Southern Command´s Partnership of the Americas strategy.

In other news we got a new dog, this one is nuts. His name is Scruffy and he weighs about 30lbs. I will write more about him another time, as for now I need to go and get more coffee. Hope everyone has a great day.

My son Mike with our new Dog Scruffy