Sunday, January 03, 2010

Talked to my daughter Cindy

Cindy with one of Josh's dogs

Cindy with dog

Cindy with a 150lb pound dog on her lap.

Cindy feeding a goat

Josh with one of his dogs on his lap

My daughter Cindy called me today. Cindy is in the Navy on the USS Abraham Lincoln. She spent Christmas with her friend Josh in Missouri. Cindy also just moved off base to her own appartment that she is sharing with another girl in the Navy. She sent me some pictures today. :)

Cindy says, Dad the small dog on my lap and Joshs' is Keoki. The large dog is 150Lbs lol and his name is Buddy and the goat is Billy =) My roomie is Bridget (ABE3).

And Cindy is an (FC3)., I am very proud of her. :)