Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Hot Day

It's another hot day here in south east Kansas, right now it's 104 degrees outside with a heat index of 111 degrees. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.

Today is Friday the 13th and it started out with a bang. My father-in-law had to go to the ER at 8am this morning. He was having chest pain and has had several heart attacks, a valve replacement, and a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted. We met him and my mother-in-law at our local hospital and after a few hours they transferred him to Topeka Kansas by ambulance to be in the hospital where his Cardiologist is located. It looks like it is his congestive heart failure and they are giving him diuretics to reduce the fluid build up that he is experiencing.

There is really not allot going on here. I did go see two Drs yesterday and had some more blood work done, it's looking more and more like my crohns disease that is causing the elevated white counts that I have had for several months now. I also took my brother-in-law to Alcohol rehab this past Wednesday and he will be there 21-30 days. We are hopeful that he will be able to find some kind of job when he gets out so he can move out of our house and into his own residence.

The kids are all doing well. Cindy is in San Diego, from the USS Abraham Lincolns Facebook page ( USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Moored, shift colors. Lincoln is pierside in San Diego after a three successful, and busy, weeks at sea ). John has been busy with his ship and Mike is busy in South Korea. That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

My son Mike in South Korea, picture from yesterday

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Too Damm Hot

Hot Weather

Mike on Skype

That's me yesterday when I was talking to my son Mike online.

Mike on Skype

Cindy ( 7th from the right )

That's right, I'm still here. It's just been so hot lately I haven't felt like doing much of anything. I did mow the yard yesterday and I'm glad I got that done. Right now it's 100 degrees outside with a heat index of 114.4 degrees., It's supposed to be like this all week. YUCK!!!! Ok, enough about that for now. It;s going to be a busy week. I take my brother-in-law to alcohol rehab Wednesday ( he will be gone 28 days ) and then Thursday I have two Dr appointments. Today we moved some furniture around the house, cleaned, and then went grocery shopping.

My kids are all doing well. my son John is at the beach today in Jacksonville, FL, Mike is busy in South Korea ( I talked to him on Skype yesterday ). and Cindy just sent me a picture from her ship. She said "This is a picture taken of me for the United Through Reading group I am part of. its so people can read to their children while we are on deployment and the DVDs get sent back home to the families." :) Ok, as for me I went to the ER a few days ago with double vision with one image on top of the other., it was really interesting to say the least, it lasted several hrs. The PA thinks it was a complex migraine but I will ask my Dr about it when I see him this week. That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great week.