Thursday, November 29, 2007

My son John goes to Florida today.

My son John called last night at 10pm. He leaves Naval Station Great Lakes today for Mayport Florida. As of last night he still didn't have his plane ticket. He said that when he checked yesterday that it was not ready yet. He is going to have a busy day today. He had to get up at 5am and have a room inspection, then a uniform inspection wearing his dress blues, then go see if they had his plane ticket ready. When he gets the ticket he has to call his Ship to let them know when he will be arriving in Florida so someone can pick him up at the airport. He will take a bus from Naval Station Great Lakes to the airport today and then change into civilian clothes for the flight ( regulations ). After he gets to Naval Station Mayport he has to check in with the Quartermaster on Base, and then the Ship, go through indoc, get a room on base, a tour of the Ship, and a bunch of other stuff.

John mailed out a box of stuff Tuesday to us that he didn't want to take to Florida with him. In that box is a digital camera. We got John a new digital camera for Christmas last year and ours stopped working. We sent his to Great Lakes after he finished Boot Camp and have been without one since. Now that John won a new one over Thanksgiving he said that we could have his old one. Thanks John. He has his sea bags all packed and ready to go.

Update: John sent me a message online from McDonald's at Naval Station Great Lakes and said that he got perfect in his inspections this morning and that they still didn't have his plane ticket ready. He said that after he eats he will keep checking on the ticket. We probably won't hear from him for a few days because of his busy schedule. He is going to call us as soon as he gets settled in at Mayport.

Update: John got his plane ticket, he will be in Florida around 8:30pm tonight.

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