Friday, September 28, 2007

Dual Monitor with a TV set

My Desktop on the Left and the Image on the TV on the right.

Below you can see my TV on the left with Windows media player playing and my live desktop on the right.

To customize my Desktop I used RocketDock and Desktop Sidebar.

S-Video Cable

I was a little bored today and now that my son joined the Navy and moved out I have his old bedroom as my computer room. I have a television about 5 feet away from the computer and it has an S Video jack so today I hooked the TV up to the Computer's video card S-Video out to use it as a second monitor, It was very easy to do. The whole thing took me about 10 minutes and only required an S-Video Cable and now I am watching the TV show Sliders from VeohTV on the TV and typing this on the computer at the same time. This is nice. I wish I would have done it years ago. The TV shows my desktop background when I have it set to the S-video input and I can drag any window on my desktop over to the TV to view. The picture on the TV is Great...

The Primary monitor is set to 1152-864 Screen Resolution and 32 bit Color.

The Second Monitor, or in this case my TV set is set to 800-600 Screen Resolution and 32 bit color.

You also might want to read "Make the Most of Your Dual Monitors" at lifehacker for more info and tips.


AngrySam said...

Nice work. I've done something similar with my mac mini and lately have been finding links on - more links and more flexibility for full screen options.

good luck.

John said...

Thanks. Do you have any pictures of your set-up? I checked out sidereel a little last night. I will look at it more today.