Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just waitiing for a Call and relaxing

I talked to my son John this morning. If you don't already know it, John is in his OS-"A" School with the Navy at Great Lakes. He was in Chicago today waiting for a friend that he met out here in ( S.E. Kansas ) last year. Her name is Heather and and she lives in Wisconsin, they are going to spend the day together today. John is going to try to get some pictures so hopefully I will have some to post later tonight or tomorrow.

John is also planning on buying a laptop tonight. He is either going to buy the HP dv2500t or the HP dv9500t. He will get a military discount thanks to HP. He is going to call me when he gets back to his room and we will order it then. I will post the specs after he decides which one he wants to buy. Until then we are just relaxing with the Heat turned on for the first time since last winter. Last night it got down to 47 degrees and this morning it was 59 degrees in our house. Right now it's only 52 degrees outside. I love this weather. :)


Anonymous said...

Who is the we> Are you married?

John said...

The we is my wife Vicki and myself. So yes I am married, you can see that in my profile. :)