Thursday, September 20, 2007

Talked to my son John, and my daughter Cindy Graduates tomorrow

I talked to my son John yesterday. He was studying morse code in his OS-A school at Great Lakes. Oh what fun.

John was also learning radar systems and was a little frustrated that that computer that does the simulations couldn't keep up with him. I told him to slow down. That will help him get a higher test score. He said that most of the people in his class are faster than the computers.

In other news my daughter Cindy will be graduating her FC-A school at Great Lakes Naval Base tomorrow and she had her 21st birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Cindy and congratulations on a job well done. She doesn't know where she is going next but it looks like either Virginia or California for more school. Cindy invited John to come see her graduation and John is going to try to go. Her graduation is at 13:00 Friday. Don't get too drunk this weekend. :)

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