Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I talked to John ( My son in the Navy at Great Lakes ) today

I talked to John ( My son in the Navy at Great Lakes ) today. He is doing great. He will get some dental work done Sept 25th at a hospital off base. He will have several teeth ( I think he said 4 ) extracted under anesthesia. They will give him a driver and take him there and bring him back and then have someone assigned to watch him over night.

He is doing well in class and might even get the "Best of the Best award" this week. His last test score " yesterday" was a 99.7% in Morris code and on the test before that he got a 97%.. He said that unless someone gets a 100% he will get the award this week. He will get to wear a special badge in recognition of this. He said that he would get a picture. (UPDATE on 9-21-07 John did not get the Best of the Best this week, they gave it to a fleet-returnee, he was kinda bummed about that but I can understand ) His laptop that he ordered is scheduled to ship on Sept 25th too so he is happy about that. He sounded exhausted this evening when he called us and was falling asleep while talking on the phone. He had a busy day will Navy Drill Team practice ( he is on the Navy Drill Team ) and school. I asked him what time he had to get up in the morning and he said 4am. He called at 7pm. I told him to get some sleep. It's kinda fun to hear him talk to the other guys. He kept calling this one guy "Hea New Guy" go do this or that. LOL. I asked John what his name was and he said that the guy was just a Bootie, just came from boot camp ( like John is a veteran now ) I got a kick out of that.

His friend Heather is going to come back up to see him again in three weeks ( John is on duty the next two weekends. ) He said they had a great time in Chicago and then he took her to the base and they played pool and just hung out together Saturday. John said that she was surprised at how big the base was. We have met her several times when she was staying out here with a cousin of hers last year. She is really nice.

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