Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I had a good Birthday yesterday

I had a good Birthday yesterday. Several of our friends got together and gave me food and storage containers for presents. They all know that I love to cook. My daughter Cindy called from Great Lakes Naval Station and wished me a happy b-day and then said that she was sick and resting and couldn't really talk. My son John also called from Great Lakes Naval Station after he got back from having 4 teeth removed. He called a few times yesterday. The first time to say that he was ok. I could hardly understand him that time. He called again last night when he could talk and sounded great and said that everyone at dental was very nice to him. He is going to be SIQ until Friday morning, and then LLD until Monday. My parents also called and I talked to my Dad for a while. I had a great day.

SIQ: Sick in Quarters
LLD: Limited Light Duty

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