Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tomorrow we will switch away from ATT's phone service to Cableone's VOIP phone

Tomorrow we will switch away from ATT's phone service to Cableone's VOIP phone. It will save us about $55.00 a month. That's because we have a package deal with Cableone. Our normal phone bill with ATT ran about $67.00 a month and with Cableone we will only pay $29.00, that combined with the package discount for having our Internet and TV through Cableone will make up the $55.00 savings.

Now for the problem. My neighbor has VOIP with Cableone. For the last week she has not been able to call us. Well, she can call us but then she is greeted by a message that says you have reached ext # so and so please leave a message. This all started last Friday ( the day I started to make the switch ). When Cableone Techs researched the problem they found out that no one with Cableones VOIP anywhere in the country could call our phone. We can get phone calls from other land lines, cell phones and such, just not VOIP through Cableone. As far as I know the only problem seems to be with Cableone's VOIP service. It seems to me that Cableone & ATT don't play well together during this time ( In the middle of switching our phone number over to Cableone from ATT ).

I will have to have someone else with another VOIP service ( Not Cableone ) try to call our house tonight to see if they can get through.

UPDATE: I talked to my Father this evening and he has ATT Callvantage and the same thing happened to to him when he switched from ATT phone service to the VOIP so it is not just Cableone. In other words when he was switching to the VOIP my Uncle that alreday had ATT Callvantage at the time could not call my Dad. When my Uncle tried to call him he got my Fathers voice mail system. I wonder why it does that? I guess it's just some kind of in network problem while switching. My Dad called me from his VOIP phone with no problem. I will look into this more and see what I find out.

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