Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still HOT here in South-East Kansas

As I sit here and finish my last cup of coffee for the day at 8:30am, it's 83 degrees outside. It looks like the heat wave will be around for a while longer with the next several days running close to or at 100 degrees. I did manage to mow the lawn yesterday when it was 98 degrees outside with the help of my wife bringing out cups of water for me. :) She also trimmed some bushes that we have in our yard and filled the bird baths and ended up with tons of mosquito bites.

Every day we have a Heat Advisory lasting until the next day. I wish they would just say until further notice. :)

Heat Advisory Remains In Effect Until 7 PM CDT Monday...

A Heat Advisory Remains In Effect Until 7 PM CDT Monday.

Dangerous Afternoon Heat Indices Around 105 Degrees Will Remain Possible Across Much Of The Area Today Through Monday. Heat Indices Of This Magnitude Are Capable Of Causing Serious Health Related Problems... And Can Be Life-Threatening In Some Cases.

A Heat Advisory Means That A Period Of Hot Temperatures Is Expected. The Combination Of Hot Temperatures And High Humidity Will Create Conditions Where Heat-Related Illnesses Are Possible. Drink Plenty Of Fluids And Stay In An Air-Conditioned Room If Possible. Limit Your Exposure To The Sun And Check Up On Relatives And Neighbors. Be Especially Attentive To The Elderly And Children. Watch Your Pets. Make Sure They Too Are Kept In A Cool Environment And Have Plenty Of Water.

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