Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Phone Call today from my son in the Navy and also talked to my daughter

My son John called today. He wanted to to get a message to his sister Cindy. They are both serving in the Navy and currently in their "A" schools at Great Lakes. John told me that his Ship "building" might not get Liberty this weekend. His room failed room inspection because one of his roommates got drunk and made a mess in the Kitchen and then went out for inspection in Civilian Clothes when they were supposed to be in uniform. That person was still drunk during inspection and said "Hea Petty Officer" during inspection. Definitely not a good idea. :)

John did say that he and Cindy had a good time last weekend in Chicago and got to go on a Tall Ship with Ten Sails "one of only two in the world like that" and he got to do the line handling and shoot off the cannon. He said that he was worried that someone was going to fall overboard because people were leaning on the lines and he was ready to jump overboard into the water to save them if that had happened. He said that the Coast Guard was not as strict as the Navy when it came to safety. He also saw something in Chicago that he wants to buy Cindy for her 21st birthday that is coming up Sept 19th.

They are both planning to go to Chicago again this weekend if John gets Liberty. He will know soon. He said that school is going good and he loves it. Cindy moved to a new building so John wants to find out where she is. John said that he would call back tonight if he could.

Follow-Up---> It's 4:22pm I just talked to my Daughter Cindy. Cindy said that she is almost done her "A" school and she will be leaving in a few weeks for her next station. She is going out with friends on the 7th and 8th of Sept for her Birthday and has duty on the 9th. She only has a two test and two labs left. She is going to move to another building at Great Lakes Navy Base for a short time before she leaves Il but doesn't know what day she is moving yet. And my son John really needs to buy a cell phone before he buys a computer. Cindy and I both agree on that. :)

Cindy also said that the ship they went on last weekend was the "Windy" she also told me that the Windy II will be in the upcoming Batman movie.

In other news, I go to the Dentist this Thursday morning at 9am to get my stitches taken out from my teeth extractions. I am feeling much better and only look a little like a chipmunk with a little swelling. :) That's all for now and hope everyone has a great day.

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