Sunday, August 05, 2007

Been Busy and had company

Vicki & Sheila at Vickis computer

Me & Sheila

Vicki & Sheila in Living Room

Last week my wife's friend Sheila from Arkansas came to visit us. She and my wife Vicki have been friends since high school. We had a great time. Sheila, sorry I had a toothache the whole time. It was great having you here and you are welcome back anytime. Your room is always ready.


Cookie..... said...

When yur talkin bout yur "toothache", are ya talkin bout Buster??.... ;-)

John said...

LOL, I did go to the ER the other night. I have an infection in my tooth/jaw. I have to tell you it was good that I went to the Emergency Room Friday night. I was up the entire night Friday night. Every time I dosed off in my recliner, even for 5 minutes I would have terrible pain in my jaw. I think it is because when I fall asleep my teeth close and touch ( the bottom and the top ) and that causes allot of pain. I really needed the antibiotics. The ER Dr. prescribed Amoxicillin and Lortab, and gave me two of each there in the ER and gave me 4 more Lortab to take Friday night. He told me to take 2 every 4hrs. I even took the Lortab which is Hydrocodone and Tylenol, the exact same thing as Vicodin in the same milligrams.

I went to go to Wal-Mart and got those prescriptions filled yesterday morning . Friday night the Lortab wasn't even enough to stop the pain. At least I got allot done, Vicki's friend left Friday afternoon so when I was up all night I dusted and windexed the entire house with the exception of our bedroom because Vicki was asleep. I spent all day yesterday asleep ( from 12:30pm-8:30pm ) with a washcloth between my teeth so they wouldn't hit against each other and last night I slept about 5 hrs too. I hope his goes away soon. I will see the Dr again this week and have it checked out.

Waldo said...

DO NOT...I said DO NOT ever take my picture again!!!!!Especially from the "looking up at my double chin" shot!!!! I repeat.....DO NOT ever take or post my picture on your stupid blog!!!!!!!There will be hell to pay!!!!!(maniacal laugh and evil eye <@>)

John said...

Hi waldo, I think you look great. :) Look at me I must look like a giant with a double chin to little people and kids. LOL Next time we will take better pictures with Buster standing up when she takes them and then check them before you leave.