Friday, August 10, 2007

Guest Book and a letter from another Proud Navy Dad

I had a private post to my guest book from Jim. I am not going to post his last name or e-mail address here, but the content of his letter is definitely worth sharing. Thanks Jim, best of luck to your daughter. We wish her well. John


We finally got a call from our Daughter in Boot Camp. She says she's fine, but busting her butt to earn another call. She graduates on 31 August, some three weeks after your son. From GL, it's on to Lackland AFB, TX, for her Master at Arms training. I don't care for that too much, but she wants it. Gotta support the kids, as you know. I am very proud of my service, John, but I'm realizing that I'm even more proud of all these kids today who are enlisting during such troubled times. Maybe some day the world will no longer need its military forces. Until that time, though, we can all be secure in the knowledge that our various services are filled with young people who've chosen to do this because they want to, not because they must. Please give both your children my thanks and deepest regard. And, again, thanks for posting your son's letters. It has helped us understand this new Navy thing a lot better.

Take care.
Retired Air Force

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