Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dude, Your Not Getting a Dell

My son John ( in the Navy ) ordered a Dell XPS M1330 laptop Saturday over the phone. He told the Dell Sales Rep the items that he wanted ( the specifications ) for the laptop and placed his order. He was given a total and he told the sales rep that he wanted it fast and the Dell Rep promised he would have it within a week ( he paid for quick shipping ). Sunday I checked his order online and found out that he was not getting the parts in the Laptop that he had told me the night before and the price was $200.00 higher than he had told me, also they had his address wrong. I e-mailed John Sunday morning and luckily he used a computer on base and checked his e-mail and he was very upset and asked me to cancel his order so I did. They had already debited his bank account for the purchase. The estimated shipping date was September 25 with a delivery date of October 2nd, not a week later as he was told. When I called Dell I was told that he would get his money back within 10-15 business days. I advised John to go to his Bank ( The Navy Federal Credit Union ) and tell them what happened, he did that yesterday ( Monday ) and the banker told John that if Dell has not refunded his money to his account that they would take care of it with the help of the Navy Legal Department. I guess he should have known that something was going to happen when the Dell Sales Rep ( this one in The USA ) did not know what the "United States Navy" was. :)

I have been buying Dells for years now and have never had a problem with them. John said Sunday " I loved Dell computers but now I don't know if I will ever buy from them again". I feel the same way.

Once he is refunded his money I am going to help him buy a laptop and I will get a cheaper and better one for him. Just one piece of advice. DON'T order over the phone. Order online, that way you can see what components you are going to get before you pay the company the money. He didn't know that the Dell XPS M1330 has been having build and shipping problems when he placed his order ( he was out of the loop while in Boot Camp ) and couldn't read the latest tech news and the Sales Rep did not tell him.

When we get him his laptop I will let you know what he gets. I can tell you one thing ( It won't be a Dell ).
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UPDATE: His money was refunded back to him today. :) ( August 23, 2007 )

UPDATE: Dell also blames Inspiron delays on inability to paint stuff

Update: Friday, September 07, 2007

Dell CEO Blames Laptop Delays on Poor Planning

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