Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My son John in the Navy bought a cell phone

John took this picture from his window at "A" school at Great Lakes. It's a picture of the Chiefs running during PT.

My son John in the Navy called last night. He bought a cell phone through T-Mobile. That will sure make things easer. The only problem is that he signed up for a plan (myFaves 300) that only has 300 anytime minutes. I don't think he realizes how fast that will go. This is his only phone and I am sure he will talk more than 10 minutes a day on average. The nights and weekends start at 9pm. He did get his Fav 5 ( 5 people that you can call anytime and it won't count against your minutes ) and we are on that list but I figure calls to the bank, and other places plus a few short calls to friends will eat up the 300 min real fast. My daughter, also a T-Mobile customer has 1000 (myFaves 1000) anytime min. They both have free nights and weekends. Johns phone is the Samsung Stripe and my daughter got the Motorola RIZR.

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