Monday, August 06, 2007

I have a toothache

I went to the ER Friday night. I have an infection in my tooth/jaw. I have to tell you it was good that I went to the Emergency Room when I did. I was up the entire night Friday night. Every time I dosed off in my recliner, even for 5 minutes I would have terrible pain in my jaw. I haven't slept in bed for a week because laying down is out of the question, too much pain then. I think it is because when I fall asleep my teeth close and touch ( the bottom and the top ) and that causes allot of pain. I really needed the antibiotics. The ER Dr. prescribed Amoxicillin and Lortab, and gave me two of each there in the ER and gave me 4 more Lortab to take Friday night. He told me to take 2 every 4hrs. I even took the Lortab which is Hydrocodone and Tylenol, the exact same thing as Vicodin in the same milligrams.

I went to go to Wal-Mart and got those prescriptions filled Saturday morning. Friday night the Lortab wasn't even enough to stop the pain. I slept all day Sunday ( from 12:30pm-8:30pm ) with a washcloth between my teeth so they wouldn't hit against each other and Sunday night I slept about 5 hrs too. I hope his goes away soon. Last night was another night of no sleep, why do these things always get worse at night? I will see the Dr again tomorrow and have it checked out. Meanwhile I am waiting for a dental appointment...

In other news my son in Navy boot camp has Battle Stations tonight ( Battle Stations 21 aboard USS Trayer (BST 21). Battle Stations 21 is the culmination of all training received at the Navy’s only boot camp. It is a grueling 12-hour test of a recruit’s skills in several shipboard evolutions, including fighting fires and stopping floods. The event is held entirely aboard Trayer and marks the recruit’s final rite of passage into the Navy. ) Tomorrow they get their Navy Ball Caps and get a phone call home. He graduates Friday August 10th. :) Go Navy!!!

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