Thursday, August 16, 2007

My son John called tonight at 11pm from his Navy "A" School in Great Lakes

My son John called tonight at 11pm from his Navy "A" School in Great Lakes. He was doing laundry, tomorrow they have to do a march "Pass-in-Review" in front of an Admiral and several other top Navy brass and he is going to be in the front row and is a little nervous about that. I know he will do just fine. :)

He is going to go to the Navy Bank this week and make an appointment to learn about managing his money. He plans to go every other week for a while until he knows the ropes so to speak, then he said he would go monthly. He said that he went out and bought cup-a-soup and lemonade Kool-Aid so he can avoid the vending machines and spending $1.00 for a soda or snack. John has always been careful with his money. He wants to set up an emergency fund for himself, do some investing and other savings. He also wants to buy a cell phone and a laptop and wants help to set up a budget for that. This is one kid that doesn't waste money.... In college he was always buying Ramen Noodles, and cup-a-soup. No soda except for the occasional Mountain Dew Code Red or Lipton Brisk Iced Tea when it was on sale at WalMart. I am very proud of him. He said that he is going to talk to "Legal" before signing a cell phone contract too. That is a good idea John. You never know where you will end up in the Navy and he doesn't want to be stuck with a big bill for a phone he wont be able to use. Very smart, thinking ahead like that. He has never been an impulse buyer. He said that he spent a good part of the day after classes with his Sister Cindy ( also in the Navy and currently at Great Lakes ) just learning where things were on base. he said that he would call again tomorrow night. We can't wait :)

In other news we are still trying to get Cindy to send us the pictures that she took from their weekend in Chicago. As soon as she sends them I will post them here on my Blog.

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