Saturday, March 01, 2008

Warm Day today and talked to Cindy yesterday

Good morning all. I wasn't feeling well yesterday but seem to be doing better today, at least so far. :) My daughter Cindy called during her lunch break at C-School from San Diego Naval Base. Cindy was doing well. She told me that she played Poker at the MWR and came in second place and won a gift card. They played Texas hold 'em. Cindy has a friend that is in the Marines and is currently in Arizona and on his way to Iraq that is going to drive up to San Diego for the weekend to visit. They plan on going out to the Movies and just hanging out this weekend. My son John is on Duty today in Mayport FL so I probably won't hear from him until tomorrow when he gets off. Now that he is qualified with the handgun he will probably have to stand guard duty allot.

We have strange weather here in South East Kansas. Today it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees and Monday we might get Snow. LOL At least Spring is right around the corner and then we should have warm weather for several months. We can't wait. That's about it from here. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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