Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My son is home on Leave

Good morning all. I don't know how much posting I will be able to do for the next week. I am picking up my son John from the airport in Kansas City ( 126 miles from my house ) this morning at 9am. John just called from the airport in Jacksonville, FL when he was getting ready to board the plane. John will be home on leave from his Ship at Naval Station Mayport until the 18th. This will be the last time we get to see him until after Christmas because of his schedule. John is going to come with me to the hospital tomorrow morning when I get my cardiac stress test done.

I have not heard from my daughter at Cindy at Naval Base San Diego this week but I am sure that she is doing well.

In other news, yesterday I had to take my wife Vicki to the dentist because of a severe tooth ache. They were able to pull the offending tooth and Vicki felt better yesterday evening. Vicki had been in severe pain since Friday afternoon. I hate tooth aches.

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