Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kara, Sheila, John, and Cindy

Cindy's new Laptop

New $5.00 Bill

New $5.00 Bill

Good afternoon all. We are just waiting for Kara & Sheila to get here. They are Vickis friends from Arkansas. Vicki called them and they are in Joplin, MO ( about 2hrs away ). They are going to stay here until Sunday. I went to the store and got a few things that we needed so now we are ready. :)

My daughter Cindy commented on another blog post of mine today. Here is what she said.

"Good Morning Dad and Vicki. We took the BITE (built in test equipment) test yesterday. Marsac and I both got 96, the rest of the class got 92 and below, lol. I still have the highest grade. Today is my mid term. Wish me luck. Keep Chris in your prayers he just left for Iraq last night. Love ya "

"OMG have u seen the new 5 dollar bill? its purpleish kinda pink reminds me of canadian money lol."

She then sent some pictures of the new $5.00 bill and her Laptop.

Cindy we are so proud of you. Good luck on your mid-terms and we will keep Chris in our prayers. Love, Dad & Vicki

We talked to our son John last night and today. He was on duty on his ship in Mayport, FL. John was getting sick and went to medical last night and got some meds. This morning he went back to medical and was given a penicillin shot for strept throat and was put in SIQ ( sick in quarters ) in his barracks on base. He will go back to medial tomorrow morning to get checked out again.

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