Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm home

Good afternoon all. This last week has been busy, first with my son John home on Leave from the Navy and then my Cardiac Stress Test today. As I have said before I have been having Chest pains lately and decided to get things checked out to see what was going on. Today I had the Stress Test and I will get the results Friday. The worse thing about the test was having my chest hair shaved so they could attach electrodes. LOL If you ever watched the TV show Seinfeld and saw the episode where Jerry shaves his Chest and then itches and howls at the moon that is how I feel right now. :) I did send my son John a text message when I got home and he called me back right away. John is on duty today and was about to eat hamburgers for lunch on his Ship. He told me that after lunch he has to stand watch so he will have a busy day.

John and Doris

Above is a picture of John and our neighbor Doris. Doris is like a Mom to us and a Grandmother to John. She made John cookies and brownies for him to bring back to his base in Florida. John called me last night to say that they made it through the trip in his luggage intact and he was eating some then with his roommate James. Thanks Doris. We really appreciate that. When John was home another friend Mable made John a home made chocolate cake and butterscotch meringue pie. John said that he was going to get fat here. If you know John you would know that he probably never has to worry about that. :) He couldn't gain weight if he tried. Thanks to everyone that cooked for him while he was here.

Aside from all that it is all quiet here. I have about 40 or so e-mails and comments about my blog that I have to respond to so I will start doing that now. Thanks for your patience.

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