Friday, March 21, 2008

Formatting Computer

Today was a good day. I went to help some people with a new computer that they bought a few weeks ago and when I was done they gave me their old one. It is a Dell Dimension 2400. Not that great by any standard but it will do. The first thing I did was to open it up and get the vacuum cleaner out and I then vacuumed all the dust ( 5 years worth ) out of it. Don't ever do that people, you could fry the insides. I have been using and working with computers since the 80s and know what I am doing. The next thing to do was to find a keyboard ( I had an extra one in a closet ), then I wiped the drive and am formatting it before I install Windows XP back onto it. You can see the computer and the 19in CRT monitor on the left on the pictures with the keyboard sitting on top of it.

UPDATE: I got the computer that was given to me to work. I have everything installed and am still doing windows updates. I had this computer up and running with Windows XP at 7:30pm. I am doing this Blog update on the new ( old ) computer. :)

This computer is a Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ, 256megs ram, 74 GB hard drive, 3 1/2 inch Floppy, CD/RW, and DVD Rom drive with a 19in CRT Monitor. It runs pretty good right now. Probably just like it was when it was new several years ago. If I were going to keep it I would probably upgrade the memory quite a bit ( you can get the memory from Walmart for $34.86 ) but aside from that this would be a great first computer for most people. Anyone need a computer?

I installed Firefox, IrfanView, SM Player, AVG antivirus, and CCleaner and did all the latest updates for the software.

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