Monday, March 17, 2008

Picture of Cindy and The Fire Controlman’s Creed

My daughter Cindy sent me a picture and "The Fire Controlman’s Creed" yesterday. Cindy is in her CIWS C-School at Naval Base San Diego. Cindy is currently an FCSN and will graduate C-School July 3rd and then go to the Fleet. Thank you Cindy. We love you.

This is like the Sailors Creed but for my rate.

The Fire Controlman’s Creed

I am a Fire Controlman, a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. My work is the operation and maintenance of the weapons aboard the fighting ships of the Navy. I am a trained specialist and technical assistant in the weapons department of my ship. I am required to know, operate, and maintain intricate scientific precision instruments. To do this, I must have a thorough knowledge of the work of an Electronics Technician, Machinist Mate, Gunners Mate, Machinery Repairman, Operations Specialist, and Engineman. My aim in life is to know my job; to know everything that pertains to practical gunnery and ordnance. As long as there is any operation or piece of equipment I do not fully understand, my job is not complete. In the event of war, I must be prepared for any emergency. I must be capable of and competent to fill my station, or perform any operation in the weapons department of my ship; to assume command of, spot, or control the fire of any battery. In addition to being competent to perform any operation, I will strive to know my maintenance duties so well that I may maintain the battle efficiency of my ship, even on a darkened ship, under enemy fire. This to the end… THAT THE SHIP MAY FIGHT AS LONG AS SHE IS AFLOAT!

Cindy also ordered us a Pizza and Pepsi Sunday and had it delivered to our house as a surprise. It was delicious. :) She is so thoughtful.


Cookie..... said...

Damn! I guess y'all still didn't send them my address didja...**sigh**. I was in such a mood fer Pizza the other night. I waited and waited...but alas...had soup instead.... ;-)

Ben Joven said...

hi...was surfing around for my old shipmates online and I found this post! Congrats on your daughter!

I was a Fire Controlman in the Navy and it was a rewarding, and wonderful job in the military and I had the pleasure of working with some very influential people!

John said...

Thanks for the comment Ben. My daughter is an FC3 on The USS Abe Lincoln now and I have a son on the USS Doyle as an OS3. My youngest son Mike is getting ready to join the Navy in the next few weeks and follow in his brother and sisters footsteps.

naguroo said...

Ah, God Bless you all! I am a Chief Fire Controlman in San Diego. You should be very proud of your daughter, the Navy is a tough job at times and not everyone has the courage to serve their country in uniform.

I found your site searching the Fire Controlman creed. The one I had was old and yours in the most updated. So tell your daughter a Chief found our website and used her FC creed.

Anonymous said...

Fond this while researching for a book to honor the men my community lost in Vietnam. Thanks to Cindy for her service. I'd like to use the Fire Controlmans Creed in the book. I wonder if you know if this creed was used in the mid-sixties?

Anonymous said...

Just left a message re: Fire Controlman Creed. Please contact me at

Joe said...

Boy, that's an old picture of Cindy. I found this article while searching for random FC photos on Google. It's a privilege working with the aboard Abe Lincoln. :)