Saturday, October 27, 2007

My son filled out his Dream Sheet for his Orders

I talked to my son John last night on Windows Live Messenger from Naval Station Great Lakes. He said that he filled out his Dream Sheet for his Orders yesterday. The Dream Sheet in the Navy is where they get to pick where they would like to be assigned. There is no guarantee that they will actually get to go to those places. In the military you go where you are needed most. John will finish his OS-A School next week. His choices were Florida, Hawaii ,Virginia, California, Japan , and Washington (state). John picked Hawaii and Florida. He is really hoping to go to Florida. He put in to work on a Guided Missile Frigate, he said that they do allot with the Coast Guard helping with Drug Bust and thought that might be interesting . John did say that he would come home to visit first. He said he would fly home for a few weeks then go back to Chicago and fly to his next duty station from there. The Navy pays for him to go from one Duty Station to another. Today John went to school for a little bit for Open Study ( he is doing chart plotting right now ). He said that it is allot of fun. Aside from that he is going to call us later. That's about it for now.

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