Tuesday, October 02, 2007

John just called from his OS-A School

My son John just called from his OS-A School at Great Lakes Naval Base and he had a test today on Radar that he had been really worried about. He got the highest score ever on the new test. ( They changed the test several months ago ) John's overall score was a 93.7%. He was so worried that he would not pass it, several other people that took the test before him got scores in the 50% range. I asked him how he did so well and he said "I studied my ass off" :) His score on the test was equal to the Chiefs that teaches that class. He was very happy.

John also received his Laptop today in the mail but has to wait until 7pm tonight to open it during mail call. He said that the box has some scratches on it and is dented in in one place so he really hoping that his Laptop is ok. That's all the news from here...

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