Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good morning

Good morning everyone, I am just drinking my first cup of coffee for the day and reading the news. It's a little cold here this morning, right now it's 47 degrees. That's better than yesterday morning when it was 37 degrees. We are going to make Chicken soup today. I will post our Chicken soup recipe later. We talked to our son John last night on MSN messenger. He was doing well. He said that he is going to test out of Mod 11 at his OS-A School today at Naval Station Great Lakes and then he will be in chart plotting which he will finish by next week and then take the post test and CIC lab and be out by next Friday. He asked for a picture of me taken 10 years ago and I sent him one and then he sent the picture below back. LOL Me Vs Chuck Norris. What do you think? I told him that yes Chuck and I did look alike several years ago and then I just kept getting better looking and Chuck just kept getting older. LOL


shaggyrulez13 said...

I must declare, I love that photo. I never pictured you as the Chuck Norris type.

In the eyes of a ranger,
The unsuspecting stranger,
Had better know the truth of wrong from right,

'Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
Any wrong you do, he's gonna see,

When you're in Texas, look behind you,

'Cause that's where the rangers gonna be.

John said...

Thanks. :)