Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another phone call

My son John called again last night, his laptop is fine. It works great. John also got a remote control for his computer that he didn't order so that was nice. He ordered internet through comcast cable and they are supposed to come out either this weekend or next weekend at the latest. He managed to get online last night through the Navy's internet on base but it was too slow for him, he was connected at 32kbps LOL Really slow. When he gets comcast he will have 6 meg download. I mailed a box of his stuff out to him Monday and he should get that today UPS so he will have most of his software and his flash drive and such. I know he will be happy to get that. He said that as soon as he can he will sinc his Laptop and his cell phone and send several more pictures that he has.

John also said that after he did so well on the radar test yesterday he got to help teach some of the classes and he is in the running for the "Best of The Best" again this week. That's about all the news from here... Hope you have a Great Day.

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