Friday, October 12, 2007

My daughter Cindy in the Navy just called

My daughter Cindy in the Navy just called from Great Lakes Naval Station. She graduated her FC-A School a few weeks ago and has been working as the Barracks Night Time Yeoman in the office of her ship ( Building ). She will get her orders today at 3pm and then she will know where she is going to go for C School. It will either be San Diego, Ca or Norfolk, VA. I asked her if she had a preference and she said either one was fine with her. She sounded good and said that she has been going out with friends allot. Now if I could just get her to send some pictures? Did you read that Cindy? :)

My son John called today at lunch from Great Lakes Naval Station but I missed his call. He left a message. He is on duty today after class, and he is going to night study tonight, and then he has watch at 4am tomorrow. That sounds like a long day. He got the Hard Drive yesterday that I sent up and has all his music now. That's about all from here for now.

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