Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Family Tech Support Person

There is a good article over at lifehack.org called "How to Survive as the Family Tech Support Guy (or Gal)." I can relate to this. I am the tech guy for my family and friends. :) If your interested go on over and read he article.

They mention LogMeIn and I have advocated LogMeIn for a while now and it really comes in handy.

"Tip: install LogMeIn Free on all your family member’s computers and link them to your account. Then you’ll be able to log in to their computers from home and work on it just like you would if you were in front of the computer itself. This is obviously no good for problems when the computer won’t boot or there’s a hardware problem, but for little things like setting up email, updating a program, or troubleshooting a network connection, it’s just the thing. And it’s free."

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