Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ouiet Week and And a little about the Kids

Good morning everyone. It's been a quiet week here in Kansas. Not much going on. I mowed the lawn a few days ago and that's about it. It's going to be sunny and warm for the next several days with daytime temps in the mid 80s. Can't complain about that.

Our son in the Navy, John called last week and needed his College and High School Transcripts sent to his CO right away and needed our help. John's CO is recommending him for the STA21 ( Seaman to Admiral-21 ) program. John said that another Officer on his Ship was helping him get ready for the interviews that are involved with getting into the Officer Program.

Our daughter in the Navy, Cindy is still in her CIWS C-School in San Diego. She graduates July 3rd. Cindy is also in Petty Officers Indoc now. When I talked to Cindy last night she had a cold and was not feeling very well. Hope you feel better soon Cindy.

Our house after I mowed the lawn ( Click Image for Full Size )

This morning my parents in Port Orange Florida took some pictures of the pond behind their house. Take a look at what is in the pond. :) This is only about 20 feet from their back yard.


Cookie..... said...

Like I said on the phone, CONGRATS regardin John and the Seaman to Adm Program. Too bad Cindy might have to salute his ass someday...

John said...

You never know. I really hope he gets it this time around but I have a feeling it will be a year or two before he gets in. In the meantime he can continue taking college classes and beef up his resume.

Becca said...

Wow! Congrats on the seaman to admiral program! My husband was commissioned this past February through the LDO program. Former enlisted/chief make the BEST officers!
Best of luck!

John said...

Thanks Rebecca, Congrats to your husband David.