Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good afternoon

Good afternoon all. Not much going on here in South East Kansas. I have been having some problems with my left knee for the last several days. Sunday it swelled up like a melon so I went to the ER and they tried to drain it and were unsuccessful. I got some pain medicine today and am seeing the Dr tomorrow morning. Oh what fun... :)

Yesterday we had the plumber here to replace our bathroom faucet. It had been leaking for several weeks and got real bad last week. I tried to fix it myself and ended up messing up the drain so that needed replaced too. We really didn't need the extra expense but what can you do? It's all fixed now and we are happy about that.

The kids called Vicki on Mothers day Sunday and they were doing well. John ordered Vicki a WalMart gift card that should be here in a few days. Thanks John. :)

John's roommate James got kicked out of the barracks for failing inspections. He was a good guy, just messy. He will now have to live on the Ship. John is renting a television from James so he can watch TV. John said that it could be a few months before he gets another roommate. John applied for a Car Loan through Navy Federal was pre-approved so now he can start shopping for a car. He looked at the Car Buying guide from Consumer Reports and had picked out either a Honda or Hyundai. We have a Hyundai Elantra and John is thinking about getting the same thing. It got great reviews in Consumer Reports.

I haven't really got to talk to Cindy much but I know that she is doing well. As I said before Cindy is in Petty Officers Indoc now, as well as attending her CIWS C-School on San Diego. I expect that Cindy will do very well, she has always been very smart.

NavyCS put together the proposed 3.9% raise for the military on their Blog. Go over and take a look when you get a chance.

That's about it for know. Hope everyone has a great day.

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