Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A very nice gift

My new grill on my deck.

Me standing next to the new grill.

Our good friends Mable and Joan ( Mother and daughter ) bought me a new gas grill and a tank of propane as a thank you gift, I help them out occasionally and they are always very kind and generous. I couldn't have been more surprised by this generous gift.

I have known Mable and Joan for about 10 years now, and my wife Vicki has a relationship with them that goes back even longer than that. They are like family to us. Just today I visited with Joan for a while and then went to see Mable and she had made me a blueberry pie. Mable is in her 90s and she is such a sweet lady. We are truly blessed to know them both.

Thank you Mable and Joan. I am going to cook on it tonight. :)


Cookie..... said... all ya gotta do is figure out how t'light it...and how t'cook something on it... ;-)

John said...

Yea, I have cooked hamburgers, hotdogs and Chicken on it so far and all were great. I love the Grill. :)