Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good afternoon

Good afternoon. I haven't had time to post much because I have been busy working on my Linux desktop doing some upgrades.

It's a nice warm 79 degrees outside today and we have the windows open for the third day in a row. We love this weather.

I have not heard from Cindy today but I am sure she is doing fine in her CIWS C-School in San Diego. I talked to John Tuesday evening. He had a heck of a day then. He was on a 25 foot metal ladder changing a starter on a light fixture on his Ship and the starter crumbled in his hand and he was electrocuted that afternoon. He said that it was a shocking experience. LOL John is ok, he went to medical and got checked out, he said that he was shaking and perspiring all over for a while after that. The rest of his day was good.

I called our ISP cableone last weekend because we were having some problems and found out that our internet speed was not what it should be. When we signed up we had a 3meg package. At one point that got changed to 5meg and we didn't know it. Cableone upgraded the software to out modem and now we have the faster speed.You can see the results from the speed test I did below.


Cookie..... said...

Hey Sport! Regardin yur weather....SCREW YOU!

John said...

After last night and the Tornado sirens going off over and over again you can have it.