Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cindy is in Petty Officers Indoc Now.

I talked to my daughter Cindy last night. She is still in her FC CIWS C-School at San Diego Naval Base. Cindy went to Bush Gardens and Disney Land over the weekend. I was hoping to get some pictures of her while she was there but she hasn't sent any yet. If she does I will post them to my blog. Cindy said that she and her friends had a good time while there. Cindy is also in Petty Officers Indoc Now. She will Probably be a Petty Officer sometime around July when she graduates her C-School. She will then take her E5 exam in March of 2009. Cindy sent me the Petty Officers Creed. Congratulations Cindy.


I am a Petty Officer in the United States Navy, the strongest Navy in the world. I have the distinct privilege of being a leader of the finest Sailors anywhere. As such, I owe my Sailors leadership that they can depend on, trust, and follow.

I will neither fear nor shun responsibility and I am always responsible for my actions. I am always fair and impartial when dealing with my Sailors; remembering not to accept full credit for a A Job Well Done without proper recognition of my Sailors first.

I am loyal to my subordinates, peers, and those officers appointed over me. I cannot favor either; my integrity must be beyond reproach.

I will fully support all Navy Regulations and Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I have the duty to correct and report all violations of these regulations that govern my Navy.

I instill Esprit de Corps throughout the Petty Officer grades in the Navy; bearing allegiance to each other.

I owe all of the above not to just myself, but to the United States, to my Navy, and to the Sailors who work for me.


NavyCS said...

Outstanding! I still remember the day I got my Third Class crow tacked on - proud day for sure - not only that you get paid more!

I put together the proposed 3.9% raise :)

John said...

Thanks NavyCS. I am very proud of my daughter. :)

Thanks for putting together the paychart. I will post a link to it tomorrow.