Friday, May 30, 2008

Cindy got her Orders

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 2 perform an aerial demonstration in the South China Sea May 8, 2006. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and CVW 2 are under way in the Western Pacific for a scheduled six-month deployment.Image via WikipediaOur daughter Cindy in the Navy got her Orders today. She is going to Everett, Washington after she completes FC CIWS C-School in San Diego and will be stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). We are very proud of you Cindy. Congratulations and good luck on your first Ship.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN is America’s 5th Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier and is home ported in Everett Washington.

A Little Lincoln Trivia:

Abraham Lincoln boasts all the amenities found in any American city with a comparable population. These include a post office (with its own ZIP code), TV and radio stations, newspaper, fire department, library, hospital, general store, barbershops, and more. The ship has enough electrical generating power to supply electricity to 100,000 homes, food and supplies to operate for 90 days, and the capability of distilling more than 400,000 gallons of fresh water from the sea each day.


Cookie..... said...

Congrats Cindy!! If'n yur readin this, it's gonna take ya about 3 months just to learn yur way through the passageways. That's why I went on the "boats" (subs), it's hard to get lost on one... ;-)

Becca said...

Congrats! My husband is also a submariner, but after his commissioning in February, hie detailer talked him into going surface for one tour. We arrived in Marysville, Wa last month just after the Lincoln left. My husband just landed on the ship yesterday and so far is just trying to get to know his way around.
Take care!!