Sunday, May 11, 2008

John played Chess yesterday

My son John in the Navy serving as an OS on the USS Doyle in Mayport Florida went down to Daytona Beach yesterday to play in a Chess Tournament. My parents live a few miles away and went to see him. My Mom ( Johns Grandmother ) made him cookies to take back to base with him. Here are some pictures that they took yesterday.

John and his Grandfather ( My Father )

John and his Grandmother ( My Mother )

John and his Grandmother ( My Mother )

John ( standing ) playing Chess

John playing Chess against Russian player "Svetislav K Vanon". They had a draw in this game ( neither could win ). John offered to shake the guys hand after the game and Svetislav refused. My parents saw this game and were shocked. John thought it was really strange too. I guess Svetislav was a really bad sport and was mad that he didn't win the match.

FIDE Chess Rule.
Any player who does not shake hands with the opponent (or greets the opponent in a normal social manner in accordance with the conventional rules of their society) before the game starts in a FIDE tournament or during a FIDE match (and does not do it after being asked to do so by the arbiter) or deliberately insults his/her opponent or the officials of the event, will immediately and finally lose the relevant game.

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