Saturday, May 17, 2008

I talked to John tonight and Vicki talked to Cindy today

John's ipod hooked up to his Laptop.

John's dinner

I talked to my son John tonight. He was off today. Tomorrow is his Duty day so he will be on his Ship from about 6am tomorrow until Monday afternoon. John was doing well. He bought himself a 160GB IPod so he can use it when he is on the Ship. It will be easer than using his Laptop. John made himself dinner tonight in his barracks and sent a picture. It was turkey, gravy, stuffing, rice, and peaches. He is going to try to go out car shopping in the next week or two. John is going to try to get a picture of himself in uniform soon. The last picture we have of him has him wearing his E2 stripes and now he is an E3.

Vicki talked to Cindy today after the flowers that Cindy sent came. Cindy was doing well and was going to the Beach in San Diego today with her friends. She promised us a picture of the ocean. Cindy also said that when she gets to be a Petty Officer she will send us another picture of her in uniform. We can't wait. :)

My father called me today to tell me that he sent a package out to me. My Dad bought three pairs of shoes in the last few months and they are all tight on him. He and I both wear a size 13 shoe but he need them to be large 13's so I get anything that doesn't work out for him. I have only bought one pair of shoes for myself in the last 10 years. LOL. Dad said that he has worn the ones he is sending out about two times. Thanks Dad. Now if we could just work the clothes out I would be all set. :)

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