Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tornado Sirens

In our small town in South East Kansas they test the Tornado Sirens every Wednesday morning at 10am. The test usually last for a minute or two at most. Today the sirens went off at 10am as scheduled and stayed on. It's been 20 minutes so far and it is about ready to drive us nuts. My neighbor just called me when I was typing this and said "what is the matter with that thing?" I sure hope they stop it soon. LOL

Update: My son John called from his Ship in Mayport Florida and asked if we were having a Tornado. He could hear the sirens going off through the phone. The sirens finally turned off after about 25 minutes.

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Cookie..... said...

Dayammn John...I wasn't even on the phone with ya and I could hear them here in Bridgeport, NY....