Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good morning.

It's 8:30am and I just finished my first pot of coffee for the day. Yesterday was a slow day with icey streets so we didn't get out at all. My wife was supposed to have a Dr appt today in town but the Dr's office called at 7:45am to cancel the appointment. The receptionist said that the streets were just horrible and that she almost wrecked getting in today and that they were canceling all appointments. That's fine with us.

My daughter Cindy called yesterday to tell me that her boyfriend Doug is re-enlisting in the Navy and that he will get a $71,000 bonus and be promoted to an E-5 as part of the re-enlistment deal. Cindy said that Doug plans to buy some land with the money. Cindy was doing well in her CIWS C-School with a GPA of 96% in her class and that the class average GPA is 93%. I am proud of you Cindy. Cindy is in San Diego.

Cindy, when do I get to see some pictures from that new digital camera you got? :)

My son John called yesterday also. He had a good day on the Ship and is going to be on Duty today. That means that he went on the Ship at 6am and will get off sometime tomorrow afternoon. He has a Duty day every 6 days. The other days are basically 7-4pm or so with weekends off while they are in port. He said that they are protecting the country by cleaning one sink or hallway at a time. LOL There is not much else that they can do while in port on the Ship. I said that with cleaning the same things every day all day they should have the cleanest Ship in the Navy. John is in Mayport Florida.

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