Saturday, February 16, 2008

Montgomery Gentry in Concert in Daytona Beach Florida

Good morning. We are just waiting for the rain/ice to start coming down. My son John called late last night. John had just seen Montgomery Gentry in Concert in Daytona Beach Florida with his roommate "Doddridge" from Naval Station Mayport Florida. Doddridge is on a different ship than John but they are in the same barracks on base. They also know each other from Navy Boot Camp having graduated together.

This is from the Montgomery Gentry official website. "A total of 8,500 general admission tickets will be available. All proceeds from tickets sales will benefit Jim Beam's designated charity, Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront provides support and morale to U.S. troops, to the families they leave behind while they serve and to wounded warriors when they return home."

"Unfortunately, we often overlook the sacrifices made by courageous men and women in uniform who are responsible for defending the very freedom that enables us to enjoy our favorite pastimes, such as racing," said Gallagher. "We have designed this event not only as an opportunity for racing and country music fans to be entertained, but also to give these fans a chance to display the deep sense of patriotism for which they are well known."

John said that after the concert he and his Doddridge tried to see if they could go back stage and that "one of the security guards was being a real asshole". Of course they let girls go back stage but when two people serving in the Navy want to say thank you they are refused entry. They even showed their Military IDs but were rebuffed by security and the owner of the Concert Hall. John said that he could have understood this but when he saw them allowing any good looking girl to go see the Star and refuse the troops he just thought that was wrong.

Today John is going to see the Daytona 300 with Doddridge and his family. John promised me some pictures from this weekend so hopefully I will have some to post in the next few days.

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