Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice Birthday presents for Vicki

My wife had a good week so far, our kids Cindy and John each sent her Walmart gift cards for her birthday. John's got here last Friday and Cindy's arrived yesterday. The kids are so thoughtful. It was really unexpected. Cindy had already bought us dinner on Vicki's birthday ( Pizza and Pepsi delivered ) so this was a real surprise. Thank you Cindy and John.

Cindy is doing well in her CIWS C-School at San Diego Naval Base and has been hanging out with friends on the weekends. I guess that school should be over in another month or so right Cindy? Last night I told her she should start watching Jericho ( my favorite show ) on TV and she told me that she does not have a TV so I will have to tell her how to watch TV on her Laptop.

Update: Cindy graduates CIWS C-School July 3, 2008

John has been busy in Mayport Florida getting qualified for various things for his job as an OS. Yesterday John went to the gun range on base and is now qualified with the handgun so he can stand watch for his ship. He is also working on Damage Control and various other duties that he needs to do. John is coming out to visit us on the 11th of March and will be here until the 18th.

It's funny that both kids got new digital cameras in the last 6 months and yet almost never send pictures anymore. I understand that there is allot that they can't take pictures of but a picture of their room or some of them with their friends is not going to jeopardize national security. :) Get the hint kids? LOL


Anonymous said...

LOL Dad my school graduates 3Jul08 I still have a few months left to go. I will call you all on my lunch break. Love, Cindy.

John said...

Ok Cindy. Thanks. Hope you have a great day. Love you, Dad