Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Talked to Cindy today

USS Boxer

My daughter Cindy called today during her lunch break at C-School in San Diego. Cindy said that one of her friends "Rob" took her on a tour of his ship The USS Boxer yesterday evening. Cindy said that she got to go on the flight deck and several other places on the ship. Cindy has been in the Navy for a year now and this was the first time she was on a ship. Rob is going to show her more of the ship sometime this evening. Cindy said that last night she went out to dinner at Jack in the Box and that she is going to eat out again tonight.

USS Doyle

My son John called while I was typing this post. John was changing his clothes and getting ready to do Colors ( lowering the flag for the night ). After that he has more training to do this evening. If you didn't know yet, John is an OS ( Operation Specialist ) on the USS Doyle in Mayport FL. John is on Duty today which means he is on the ship for at least 24hrs straight.

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