Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Cold this morning.

When I got up today it was 3.9 degrees outside and cold in our house. It feels a little better now that I turned up the heat and have half a pot of hot coffee in me.

I talked to both of my kids in the Navy yesterday. John had a good day on his Ship and today his roommate in the barracks is having cable TV installed by Comcast Cable. John said that he is off this weekend and is trying to find something to do, most of his friends are working over the weekend. He said that he might go explore the towns around the base.

Cindy had a test yesterday in her CIWS C-School and got 100% on it. Her GPA in the class is 98%. Good job Cindy. I'm proud of you...

Nothing else happing here, we are just trying to stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Dad I love reading your posts in the morning. They are great. Love ya. BTW i really need to send pics the ones you have of me suck.

John said...

Yes, I do need new pictures of you. I think you look great Cindy but newer pictures are always nice. Love you, Dad